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Lawyer in the field of copyrights law in DRAGUIGNAN, South of France Fanny PIERRE will assist you with the protections of all your creations that are related to literary and artistic work. She can give you advice and if necessary represents you in court to defend your copyrights. She can help companies as well as artists (musicians, actors, authors, composers, interpreters, directors, entertainment companies).

Protection of artistic work

Protection of artistic work Pursuant to article L112-2 of the Intellectual Property Code, a non-exhaustive list of artistic works is protected by copyrights. This protection covers the rights of authors in all works of the mind, whatever their kind, form of expression, merit or purpose. However, only the original creations can be protected by copyrights as the result of one’s or plural artists’ creation. No formality excepting creation itself enables an art work to be protected.
It can be interesting though to give this work a certain date to avoid infringement. In this case, it might be useful to file this work at a Notary public office or a bailiff or to file an “envelope Soleau” within the INPI for French artistic work. Being supported by a lawyer will ensure you the following:
  • The artistic work fulfills with the Intellectual Property Law protection requirements,
  • Your proofs are admissible (creation date, author identity),
  • Filing the artistic work within the appropriate authority.
Fanny PIERRE is also competent regarding copyrights litigation, giving however priority to negotiation when this is possible.

Copyrights agreements and derivative rights

Your DRAGUIGNAN law firm responds to all agreement artists’ drafting needs (from negotiation to commission contracts, production, distributorship, editing, licensing agreements) to protect legal interest of authors, compositors, interpreters, producers and databases editors).

Agreements negotiation and artist representative

Lawyer/ Artist representative in DRAGUIGNAN, in the South of France Based on Article 6.3 of the French lawyer national interior rules, Mrs. Pierre can intervene for different types of artists in several fields (entertainment, music, dance, modeling) as a lawyer/ artist representative. She can advise and negotiate on behalf of her client and support him during the time of the agreement. Artist representative for the benefit of the artist’s career: The law firm combines the skills of an artistic agent as well as a legal experience with artist’s rights, copyrights and intellectual property law to usefully guide the artists in the various aspects of their job:
  • Professional and judicial guidance
  • Help through the decision-making process
  • Defense of professional activities and interests
  • Administration and assistance within the artist’s career
  • Relations with collective companies representing copyrights holders
  • Strategy definition and projects development
  • Scheduling process and management of shows and representations
  • Public relations
  • Negotiation with producers

Legal protection of the artist

The role of a lawyer / artist representative is broader than the simple defense of the artist’s interest. His advises concern the entire of the artist’s career and have for purpose to secure the protection of the intellectual property rights of the artists with the necessary ethical respect:
Legal protection of the artist
  • advises on a legal standpoint in intellectual property, copyrights law and derivative
  • research, negotiating and drafting of artist’s contracts
  • examination of the content as well as a control of the law on the different contracts (work contracts, production and licensing agreements, recording contracts for radio, TV, etc.)
  • Follow up on the good execution of the artist’s contracts
  • Negotiation through the operating condition of the artist’s work
  • Mediation, amicable resolution of conflict or a litigation situation.
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